This is what some of our mentees have to say about our service:

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I joined BMN because my business was drifting in a direction I didn't want it to go and I was uncomfortable and unhappy with that.
The genial mentors at BMN challenged me to rethink my offering and gently guided and encouraged me to rebuild and relaunch my business during the most challenging of times in 2020.
I felt supported and encouraged throughout the entire process and I highly recommend BMN to small business owners or solopreneurs who are feeling a little bit lost or lonely.

Garry Robinson, CEO,  Small Business Marketing


"I joined the BMN Mentoring Program late May 2020 to assist me in reopening my business after forced closure during Lockdown last year.

Jan and Julie's experienced and empathic mentoring not only provided me with the skills and confidence to reopen my business, but resulted in me having my most profitable year on record (despite COVID!).
Through the mentoring, I made numerous enhancements to my processes that have increased my sales and freed up my time considerably.

I am hugely appreciative of BMN, and would highly recommend this program to any small business facing challenges and looking to expand their business."

Gail Rast, Owner,  Life's A Feast


Very Supportive and informative service. I think all new and existing businesses could benefit from a BMN mentor. 

Karen Greatorex, Owner, Majjak Candles and Fragrances


We started with BMN when we were a team of 3 operating downstairs from one of our houses. Over the course of 2 years with BMN, we benefitted from fortnightly meetings with two highly experienced business mentors. Each session was an opportunity to reflect on ‘the business’ rather than ‘the work’. Our mentors asked probing and insightful questions which encouraged us to gain a better understanding or our finances, systems, processes and opportunities. Five years later we have an office in Noosa junction, employ 12 people and our business has gone from strength to strength. BMN helped us establish solid foundations upon which we could grow.

Steven Speldewinde, Director, The Social Deck


A big thank you! The mentors at BMN helped us and our business enormously. They are friendly, warm and kind, super knowledgeable, witty and cheery. We would not be where we are today without their thoughts and regular chats. BMN were the difference that made us keep moving forward, encouraged and helped us believe in ourselves. The mentors’ help to make our own decisions and answer our own questions was instrumental in shaping our achievements. They are a great sounding board and an enormous boost to our confidence, giving us time to reflect on what we have achieved to date, understanding the journey ahead, It helped us and our business setting good practices in place, it made us accountable and it made us achievers and believers.

Jamie & Sandie Loft, Donut Kitchen


I highly recommend Business Mentoring Noosa. Their team of mentors are highly experienced and generous people who can help you gain valuable insights into your business. They are willing and able to support and encourage you to reach your goals, and reassure you when things get tough. Our experience with BMN was very rewarding indeed!

Emma Bell, Tipi Luxe


My mentors have a genuine enthusiasm for business and people, coupled with a wealth of experience as a successful entrepreneur. Their advice and guidance has given me confidence to grow in both a business and personal sense. I would highly recommend BMN, whether you are just starting your business journey or looking to take it to the next level.

Greg Wallace, Director, 46 Digital Marketing


I have benefited greatly from being on the mentoring program. I found that a mentor:
•  helps you see where your weaknesses are
•  helps you to find the answers you need to overcome them
•  gives you a sounding board for your ideas
•  brings years of additional experience to your business
•  sees what you are doing from a different perspective so can ask you Questions you would never have thought of
•  helps you to find ways to overcome problem areas in your business

I thoroughly recommend the BMN mentoring program. It is easy to be your own worst enemy so having someone who will sit beside you on a regular basis and question what you are doing is great (not to mention that a mentor gives you someone to be accountable to which is great for people who find it difficult to complete their ‘to do’ list).

David Wright, Simply Budgets


BMN provided me with the opportunity to meet local business people, who then kept me accountable and encouraged me to look at my business model from many different angles. My mentors suggested strategies to work on, and helped me brain storm new proposals and ways of developing my business. With a young family and many distractions, I found the support and encouragement of my mentors of immense value. The BMN program is a great community initiative and offers amazing value for the small investment you are asked to make.

Lisa Marshall, Owner,  Trek Coach 


I have been a member of BMN for close to 2 years now. I find their experience and wisdom extremely helpful and beneficial in many ways. I look forward to our regular meetings to reflect on issues from staff to cash flow and everything in between. It is a great opportunity to gain perspective and gauge an outside in view on circumstances that I am often too close to. Both have a wealth of personal and professional

Paul Sheavils, Owner,  LedbyDesign


Noosa Rural Produce has been with Business Mentoring Noosa and have enjoyed great support and guidance in our business endeavours.

Greg and Brenda, Noosa Rural produce


Being part of the mentoring program has been invaluable to me and my business. The experience that my mentors have been able to share with me has helped me improve the way I run my business now and into the future.

Louise McNeich CPA, Principal, Noosa Accounting

We can’t put a price on the support we have received from our Mentors. The experience and knowledge they have imparted has been exceptional and generous.

Trish and Nick Radge, The Chartist


I found the mentors at Business Mentoring Noosa impartial, and a great sounding board for my business ideas. They helped me work on my business rather than in my business. I would thoroughly recommend BMN to anyone in business as it helps you get the competitive edge.

Sarah Fisher | Director, Ausure Noosa PTY LTD


I cannot speak highly enough of my mentors through the Business Mentoring Noosa program. I experienced many benefits as they shared their extensive knowledge and wisdom with me. Each session helped me problem solve, and provided direction and focus drawn from my mentors’ experiences as successful business owners. They provided me with an honest and healthy reality check for my business.

Amanda Obara, Owner,  Massage And Wellbeing

Stuck and need help? The mentors at Business Mentoring Noosa have the experience to help you overcome your sticking points. The BMN mentors are successful entrepreneurs and are available to help you focus on goal-setting, strategy and troubleshooting.

Brett Hocking  CEO, About Networks


The mentors have been inspirational and a wonderful “sounding board” which has helped me find direction for my growing business.

Patricia McAlister, Director/founder, Smart Pups.