This is what some of our mentees have to say about our service:

From Lee & Maria of Make A Difference Health and Fitness.

You have been a big part of us going forward and we will continue to do so!
We appreciate all the work you have done with us and will highly recommend BMN.
Thanks again and I’m sure your paths will cross again in the future. Lee & Maria

"Thank you for your support, you blow all the fog away and keep us on track. We really appreciate your help." Ian and Luisa Baird, Chinese Connections

“I cannot speak highly enough of my mentors through the Business Mentoring Noosa program. I experienced many benefits as they share their extensive knowledge and wisdom with me. Each session they have excellent ideas, help problem solve and provide direction and focus drawn from their own experiences as successful business owners. Another benefit is that they also provide an honest and healthy reality check for my business.” Amanda Obara, MassageAndWellbeing.com

“After starting my own business part time almost 20 years ago and then going full time 13 yrs ago I was struggling with a number of underlying issues that I was too close to see they were holding me back. My mentor patiently listened to all of my stories and observed all of my bad habits and then with one simple question was able to help me see a new direction that I had been avoiding for years. Within 4 weeks this made a huge impact on my bank balance and my prospects for the future. As a result I now have an investor who has seen the potential in my new business direction and I am re-energised and looking forward to the future with enthusiasm. I thoroughly recommend the Noosa Chamber Mentoring program to anyone who is in business. Don’t try to go it alone one more day; it’s just not worth it!” David Wright, Simply Budgets, The Spending Planners Institute

“My mentor has a genuine enthusiasm for business and people, coupled with a wealth of experience as a successful entrepreneur. His guidance has given me confidence to grow in both a business and personal sense. I would highly recommend a mentor, whether you are just starting your business journey or looking to take it to the next level.” Greg Wallace, 46 Digital

“Having my Mentors to bounce ideas against has helped my Business grow and avoid unnecessary failures. Until I was introduced to the mentoring program I thought that running a small Business meant that I had to have all of the solutions and ideas that would make me successful. I didn’t, and would have made many mistakes except I was able to gain support from two great mentors that believed in me and helped me negotiate my way through start up and growth. My Mentors have experience and wisdom and are helping me be successful.” Michael Davis, Sustainable Energy Management

“We were with Business Mentoring Noosa for 2 years and we have enjoyed great support and guidance in our business endeavours.” Greg and Brenda, Noosa Rural Produce

“Being part of the Mentor Program has been invaluable to me and my business. The experience that my mentor has been able to share with me has helped me improve the way I run my business now and into the future.” Louise McNeish, LMC Accounting

"We highly recommend the program to any business needing direction." Judy Senn, Time Out Internet

"It has acted both as a business and life coach, and aside from the great ideas that have come from it, it has also kept me focused on my own strengths and 'weaknesses'. John Murt, High Profile Communications

"In just one session, our mentor provided us with a much clearer insight into what is possible and where we were going wrong." Matthew Tanner, Social Fabric Chair Gallery

" It was great to have someone, who was completely detached from my business, to bounce ideas off. My mentor taught me some very useful planning and time management tools which have dramatically improved my productivity. It was also very useful to have someone to hold me accountable each month to do those things that you know that you should be doing but never get round to!" Lyn Woodward, Activate Your Mind

"This is a great system which is being expertly delivered with passion and enthusiasm. I am proud to say that I am being mentored by such inspiring people." Scott Macken, Scooter Style

"I believe this mentoring service is ideal for first-time business owners and those who have become stuck in a rut and need to change the way they do things in this changing business climate. I am happy to recommend this service to any business that needs help and can benefit from new ideas." Norbert Nawrocki, Computer Troubleshooters

"I already know that I'm going to look back on the moment I joined this program as the best business decision I have ever made." Kirsty Holland, Lasergreen Constructions


I have already found, as have my admin team, that the NCC mentoring service to be very helpful with unbiased input. Their business knowledge delivery and assistance in ideas and support for myself as the business owner is great. To have someone looking from the outside in, without a financial agenda, makes for what I see are excellent results. Best value business coach ever." Shane Savage, Laguna Bay Air