Startup Business Mentoring

Thinking of Starting a New Business?

There are so many things requiring careful consideration:

Do I really understand the big picture and should I be doing this?

What critical matters must be covered first and in what order?

Can I start my new business knowing everything is in place to grow and be successful?

Is there someone qualified and experienced in these matters who can support me through my establishment period and beyond? At a modest cost?

Yes there is – Business Mentoring Noosa (BMN). Contact us for more information.

For example, here are some of the matters well worth considering in planning your proposed business - before you start:

  1. Do you understand the difference between working for yourself and building a business?
  2. What are your business goals and where do you see the business in 1, 2, 3, years?
  3. Where are you now?
  4. What product or service will you provide?
  5. Is there a target market – What testing have you performed – Will people be willing to pay - do you have a profile of your ideal customer?
  6. Your level of skills, interests and motivation?
  7. Do you have a budget and the financial capacity to conduct a business?
  8. Do you have a Business Plan? (If you don’t have a business plan of where you want your business to get to - what you do hardly matters)
  9. Business structure?
  10. Who else is involved in the business (duties and responsibilities)?
  11. Advantages versus Disadvantages of your own business?
  12. Time requirements and commitments?
  13. Registrations, Licences and legal aspects?
  14. How will you protect your idea?
  15. Who are your competitors – What is your point of difference?
  16. Where is your geographic domain?
  17. Will you be employing people?
  18. What internal and external factors that could have a potential impact on your business?
  19. Have you considered a SWOT analysis?  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats?
  20. Do you have qualified professionals for support e.g. Accountant, Solicitor?

You can work with one of our volunteer Mentors (in strict confidence) to address these and any other relevant matters to work with you to be successful.


You must have some, simply contact BMN should you have any questions or wish to meet for a chat.