What we do

We are a group of individuals who, working in conjunction with the Noosa Chamber of Commerce & Industry, volunteer our time to help small businesses on the Sunshine Coast to fulfil their true potential.

We operate to a simple set of values:

  • Passion …for the role of small business in our economy, and for seeing our mentees win
  • Integrity…an open, honest and confidential approach in our interactions
  • Care…having our mentees’ best interests at heart at all times

Our mentors are retired or semi-retired senior business people drawn from diverse and interesting backgrounds ranging from manufacturing to IT, sales/marketing to engineering. Most have personal experience of small business and all provide their services voluntarily…their only vested interest is to see their mentees do well.

We charge mentees an annual fee of $150. This covers the costs of administering and supervising the mentoring program. In addition mentees must be paid-up members of an affiliated Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce (the membership fee for Noosa Chamber of Commerce and Industry is currently $120 per annum).

Key Benefits for mentees

  • enables you to step out of the day-to-day and take an objective look at your business
  • provides a space to brainstorm ideas and plan for the future
  • offers an independent, sounding board via an impartial source with no vested interest
  • a catalyst to inject new energy into your business and take it to the next level

The mentoring program has been assisted through the Sunshine Coast Council Grants Program.

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